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Apr, 2014

Reminders for Oklahoma Recreational League Games

 BOTH coaches should print the game card and bring to the game.  Remember to print the most up to date copy if your team has had changes.  (This way if someone forgets a game card, it gets lost, or one team has recent updates, then at least one game card should be up to date and available for the game.)

Teams keep game cards until June 30
th.  You will not send them to OSA unless asked.  Game card and score information is posted online, or click the following link:  
Game Cards and Score Submissions  (Scores are submitted by the winning team or home team in the event of a tie and may be done by phone, online, etc.)

Check what league and which game card(s) are printed.  Events change in order in your team account.  (Don't just go to first on your list and try to get game cards.)  Game cards are always printed from your OSA Travelling Rec or Rec Select league and will not be found in any other event.

Keep an official OSA Recreational Registration roster at all times.  This is for verification purposes or in the event there is an issue with the game cards.  This roster is printed from your team documents or the OSA Recreational Registration event (not the league.)

Sit-out forms are required for send-offs and red cards.  Any team official (coach, manager, assistant coach) may be sent off and will need to complete the form as well as any players that sit out. The forms must be submitted immediately following the match the player or team official sat out.  Information on submission is on the sit-out form, which is posted online - Recreational tab then forms or click the following linkSit Out Verification Form.  If the required suspensions are not served, additional sanctions may be imposed.

As always, if you need assistance or have questions, please contact OSA, and we will be happy to help you.