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A major focus of Muskogee Soccer Club is to increase training opportunities. We want to provide the best opportunities for our players. This website is being adjusted to share things that you can do at home to help train and stay in shape. We do not know how long until we can play soccer again. We hope that this will only last a few weeks. 

One product that I have heard good things about is Intelligym. It does have a monthly fee but it does help players to have a better understanding of the field and how others should move to create space.

Tom Byer shares some good ideas to keep in soccer shape during this time. in his Soccer Today Article
Developing Youth soccer skills 1
Developing Youth Soccer Skills 2
Developing Youth Soccer Skills 3 
Developing Youth Soccer Skills 4

Coach Javi
10 soccer exercises you can do with a wall. 

Train Yourself Series - This is part 1 of a 9 part series.

Full Soccer Training Session Just using a Wall

Soccer Drills at Home: Ball Control, Footwork and Passing Drills. 

These trainings were created by Los Gatos United Soccer
Individual Player Plan Ball Mastery Series A

Individual Player Plan Ladder (Or cones)
Individual Player plan Cone Dribbling Series A
Individual player plan Cone Dribbling Series B

Soccer Coach weekly is a product i subscribe to for activities and training plans for my teams. Coach Clarke shares a resource titled A time for individual skills. This resource has several different plans to help train. 

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