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Concussion protocols and information

Concussions are something that we must help protect our young athletes from. Many new rules and regulations have been instituted for US soccer this year to help alleviate the chances of a concussion. An example is a no heading policy at u10 and below. Following is information that comes from US soccer to help protect your young athlete and information if the worst occurs. 

1 IN 10

 * One in 10 young Athletes will suffer a
concussion this year *

* Rates of concussion for high school
sports: highest in football and
girl’s soccer *

* Activities associated with the greatest
number of TBI-related ER visits: bicycling,
football, playground activities, basketball
and soccer *

* Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol

Concussion Fact sheet for coaches

Concussion fact sheet for parents

Oklahoma Soccer Association - player safety resources